What Our Clients Are Saying About VibraLife

I just wanted to drop you a line letting you know how AWESOME your community is. Its not only the the building and atmosphere its the PEOPLE....

They are "IT" They go above and beyond the job description. They ALWAYS go the extra step. I have formed nice relationships with the staff. Its nice that they know who is coming to see whom.

My mom loves it there. It isn't home but it's where she wants to be since she can not be home. She comments on how nice the staff is to her.

I will be so thrilled to have her back at VirbaLife when the doc signs the orders.

BTW, the docs there are great too. My mom is very pleased with them and loves the PA, the gal is so sweet. She asked about my mom when I was in feeding the kitty.

I am so comfortable having her there with the best caretakers. I don't loose one iota of sleep knowing how well she is cared for.

I can not say enough great things about you and your staff.

See you very soon


I extend my congratulations to you and the many people at VibraLife who contributed to making my stay an enjoyable and satisfying experience. In the past I received rehabilitation at other facilities, but I can honestly say, this is by far better than any other Rehab Location.

Upon my arrival in September, the staff were extremely courteous and helpful in getting me settled into my temporary room in section 100. Originally I had requested a private room, and my request was handled efficiently the next day. I was moved to a private room, in section 300, where I was greeted with again many people that made my entire stay an unforgettable one.

I was probably one of the more difficult and independent patients, but believe me when I say, all of the nurses and aides are to be commended for their attention to my many requests and needs. If you can image, I had a good time and hated to say goodbye to all of them. I even discovered that a staff member lives over the hill from my residence and has offered her assistance, if needed. What a great staff in Section 300.

When I was introduced to the Physical/Occupational therapy staff on my first weekend with VibraLife, once again I was greeted with a group of enthusiastic and extremely helpful individuals. My therapy was so helpful and I could see improvement each day it continued. I did have a bit of a setback the second week I was there, and through the knowledge and immediate attention of all, I was able to continue with my therapy after a few days. Each and every one of the therapists was wonderful and made my life bearable, if not fun!

The VibraLife Community is an outstanding and beautiful community and contributes greatly to the aesthetics of the neighborhood.

I wish you nothing but success in the future.